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When you spent time reading to your children they really enjoy it and build a great reading habit. Our teachers need the right storybooks to motivate the children to read more in the classroom. Our books not only will inspire them to read but to be also doing physical activities.


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New from Aro Publishing for 2018

ARO Publishing is proud to introduce 15 new decodable readers that  follow the scope and sequence of a solid comprehensive, beginning  phonics program for grades K-2. The storybooks facilitate individual  instruction through fun-loving, recurring characters such as Sig Pig,  Fat Cat, Tat Rat and the gang, as they take children through the vowel  sounds, blends, and digraphs in delightful stories and colorful,  masterly drawn illustrations.  

Aro Publishing

The easy to decode readers, with predictable plots, nurture early  literacy and phonics development, while applying phonics to text. Ample  opportunities for review and reinforcement are included. All of our  Phonics Readers have a Free Teacher Extension Download Available 

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